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Attention all Grade 9 and 10 students –there are still 10 spots available on the LCHS Ski and Snowboard Club busses! No experience needed



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Why Lakeshore Catholic? .... Here's Why!

Take Your Kids to Work Day: Permission form

The forms are to be returned to their Grade 9 homeroom teacher by October 21, 2016.

take your kids to work day

Ontario College Application

See GUIDANCE if you want assistance.
Due date: Feb 1, 2017

Terry Fox tales retold

By Michelle Allenberg, Tribune Staff -  October 4, 2016

trib 100416Terry Fox’s legacy lives on through many fundraisers and campaigns around the world.

Bill Vigars, who was Fox’s friend and in 1980, was the Director of Public Relations and Fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Ontario Division, works to keep Fox’s memory alive by speaking to people about the run that started it all.

“I used to wonder if his legacy was going to last ... and about 84’ or 85’ I was at a run and I saw a whole bunch of kindergarten kids carrying a sign saying ‘running for Terry.’ And it was at that moment I realized it was going to continue,” Vigar said.

Terry’s Marathon of Hope started and ended in 1980. His goal had been to raise awareness about cancer — and $1 million — with a cross-country run. It was cut short when the cancer that took his leg at age 18 returned. Terry died June 28, 1981 – one month short of his 23rd birthday.

Tuesday Vigars took the opportunity to speak to Lakeshore Catholic High School Students about the journey Fox took and the importance of the run itself. For Vigar, the way to carry on Fox’s memory and fundraise for cancer research is by getting schools involved.

At age of 33 Vigars went on the road with Fox and knows some of the struggles he faced running with a prosthetic leg. Vigars brought a replica of Fox’s prosthetic leg with him to demonstrate how difficult it was for Fox and just how heavy the leg was.

Bill Vigars and The Source at LCHS

September: Month in Review