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Why Lakeshore Catholic? .... Here's Why!

Students learn from local filmmaker

By Michelle Allenberg, Tribune Staff -  Monday, November 20, 2017

Tribune PictureExposing students to different methods of teaching is important to Lakeshore Catholic High School vice-principal Andrew Boon.

With the support of the principal Glenn Gifford, as well as staff, Boon developed a partnership with local filmmaker Chris Darton. This partnership has offered students the opportunity to meet and learn from a filmmaker.

Two years ago Boon got in contact with Darton and offered him a spot to showcase his documentary films at the school’s theatre. Since then Darton has spoken to the school’s film studies class and visited various classes to meet students.

Darton said being able to speak to students and visit the school is great to have in a small community.

“When I was 17, 18 making films … there was no one coming to schools or teaching film,” Darton said.

For Boon, inviting someone working in a particular industry to speak to students is a great way to engage youth. Boon said having Darton give first-hand experience can be a great deal more meaningful to students than hearing it from a teacher.

Darton agreed, saying he hopes by knowing he is from Fort Erie students will feel that they can accomplish their dreams and goals despite where they are from.

On Dec. 1, Darton will showcase his most recent documentary, Hard Working Man: The music and miracles of Danny Brooks, at the school’s performing arts centre.

The movie tells the story of Canadian musician Danny Brooks, including his struggle with addiction and his success in the music industry.

Brooks’ music is influenced by a number of genres, including blues, country, rock and gospel. For Darton, who has been friends with Brooks for 12 years, an interesting aspect of Brooks is that he performs in very diverse places. Brooks will perform at bars, prisons, churches and small venues. Darton said this is one reason Brooks a unique performer.

Students in the film studies class will attend the showing on Dec. 1. They will provide assistance with the screening and learn from Darton about hosting a documentary showing.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased by calling 905-835-2451. The event will be at Lakeshore Catholic Performing Arts Centre at 150 Janet St.

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