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Why Lakeshore Catholic? .... Here's Why!

What a crew!

Boys Basketball Image

Congrats to our Jr boys on their win over Port High!

Innovation supports inclusion at high school

imageFor many students at Lakeshore Catholic High School, caring for one another is part of who they are.

When a group of eight technology students signed up for Brock University’s 2016 Broad-based Technology Maker Challenge they wanted to make a difference. The challenge invites students in a broad-based technology class to show their creative abilities as well as their community spirit. The competition also challenges students to think about how they could fix everyday issues or how to make a particular task easier for people.

Construction teacher Tino Nuccitelli said he and the team, which they named Impact, embraced their community spirit by determining what students needed. After speaking with staff and students the group decided there was a need for an accessible table for students who use wheelchairs.

The benches in the cafeteria have built-in benches that can’t be removed. Nuccitelli and Grade 11 student Brady Lorenz, 17, said often students in wheelchairs sit at the end of a table. The idea to cut a section from one of the benches to fit a wheelchair was so students could feel more included. Lorenz said it lets everyone feel equal and included in conversation during lunch.

Fantastic visit by NCDSB Chaplains

Help fight homelessness by enjoying a pancake brunch

lchs 020617Everyone wants to help out and put an end to homelessness. You can do your part in Port Colborne Tuesday Feb. 7 by enjoying Port Cares Toque Tuesday Port Cares Pancake Brunch.

For over 20 years, Raising the Roof has been fundraising to help fight homelessness across Canada. Port Cares has partnered with Raising the Roof, they hold a pancake brunch in addition to participating in the Raising the Roof Touque Campaign. Fifty percent of money raised will go into directly supporting Port Cares Client Services.

“I think it still comes as a shock and a surprise to people in our community, Port Colborne and Wainfleet, that there is actually homelessness here,” Port Cares executive director Christine Clark Lafluer said. “We may not see it day-to-day on the streets, it may not be as visible as larger centres like Toronto, but, it is here.”