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Why Lakeshore Catholic? .... Here's Why!

May: Month in Review

Brandee Videcak's Interview on 610 CKTB

Teen author shares struggles with mental illness

By Michelle Allenberg, Tribune Staff: May 18, 2016

trib-051816A Port Colborne teen has turned the negative experience of being bullied into something positive. 

When 17-year-old Brandee Videcak started writing about her struggles with bullying and mental illness last January she never thought of publishing a book. But through conversations with Lakeshore Catholic High School’s vice principal, Andrew Boon, Videcak was inspired to become a published author with Journey: One step at a time.

“I have it set up into a three-parter. Part one follows the struggle, part two is my road to recovery, and three I call an extra bit of magic,” Videcak said.

The “struggle” portion of the book is still a sensitive subject for Videcak. During Grade 10, Videcak’s depression and anxiety became so severe she became suicidal. Videcak recalls a moment when she was driving toward a tree thinking about ending her life.

In a split moment she swerved out of the way. Videcak said she doesn’t know what made her change her mind last minute, but she is happy she did.

Follow up to Our Concert Series: Great Lake Swimmers

Singer takes a walk down memory lane

By Michelle Allenberg - Wednesday, May 11, 2016

During a tour of Lakeshore High School, Great Lake Swimmers lead singer Tony Dekker stops to laugh at a photo hanging on one of the walls. 

The photo Dekker inspects is of himself. With a laugh Dekker commented on how different he looked in high school, exclaiming he was much thinner. The singer-songwriter graduated from the Port Colborne school in 1995.

Dekker returned to Lakeshore this week to film a short documentary before the band’s performance at the school on Friday. The documentary, produced by Niagara filmaker Jason Lupish, will be screened during the concert.

Lakeshore staff organized a charity concert as part its concert series. Proceeds from the concert will support the school’s mission to assist Dominica, an island nation in the Caribbean.