Grade 11 - Arts

ATC3M - Dance (University/ College):

This course emphasizes the development of students' artistry, improvisational and compositional skills, and technical proficiency in global dance genres. Students will apply dance elements, techniques, and tools in a variety of ways, including performance situations; describe and model responsible practices related to the dance environment; and reflect on how the study of dance affects personal and artistic development.

ADA3M - Dramatic Arts (University/ College Preparation):

This course requires students to create and perform in dramatic presentations. Students will analyse, interpret, and perform dramatic works from various cultures and time periods. Students will research various acting styles and conventions that could be used in their presentations, and analyse the functions of playwrights, directors, actors, designers, technicians, and audiences.

ADD30 - Dramatic Arts - Production (Open):

This course builds upon the skills introduced and explored in Gr. 9 and 10. Students gain a practical understanding of acting, make-up and design through the production of a one act play. Attendance on a daily basis is required in order to mount a play for performance. Students explore theatre conventions and are introduced to the works of selected playwrights. Script analysis prepares students for dramatic presentations, and exploration of the many roles in theatre production introduces students to the professions associated with theatre. Building upon co-operative skills and creative collaboration, students work within the culture of 'ensemble' and experience the creative dynamics of a theatre company. This course gives students a variety of opportunities to think critically, develop God-given potential and make meaningful contributions. It also challenges students to examine and explore their lives in relation to specific gospel values as reflected in church teachings.

AWR3O - Film/ Video (Open):

This course explores the history and genre of films by giving students the opportunities to examine various techniques used by past and present filmmakers. Students will develop analytical and interpretative skills through skills through research, large and small group projects, independent projects, written and oral presentation. Students will learn to respect and understand the history, cultural heritage and pluralism of today's contemporary society.

AMI3M - Instrumental Music (University/ College Preparation):

This course emphasizes the appreciation, analysis, and performance of various kinds of music, including baroque and classical music, popular music, and Canadian and non-Western music. Students will perform technical exercises and appropriate repertoire, complete detailed creative activities and analyze and evaluate live and recorded performances. They will continue to increase their understanding of the elements of music while developing their technical and imaginative abilities.

Course fee.

AMV3M - Music - Vocal (University/ College):

This course emphasizes the appreciation, analysis, and performance of various kinds of vocal music. Students will perform vocally in styles ranging from popular to jazz and classical. Students will continue to advance their understanding of theoretical elements. Emphasis will be on learning how to successfully read music and to apply related technical exercises to the voice. Creative activities will involve some composition and analysis of the elements of music. Students will continue to advance their performance skills.

AVI3M - Visual Arts (University/ College):This course enables students to further develop their knowledge and skills in visual arts. Students will use the creative process to explore a wide range of themes through studio work that may include drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking, as well as the creation of collage, multimedia works, and works using emergent technologies. Students will use the critical analysis process when evaluating their own work and the work of others. The course may be delivered as a comprehensive program or through a program focused on a particular art form (e.g. photography, video, computer graphics, information design).
Course fee.

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