Grade 10 - Canadian & World Studies

CHC2D - Canadian History (Academic):

This course explores the local, national, and global forces that have shaped Canada's national identity from World War I to the present. Students will investigate the challenges presented by economic, social, and technological changes and explore the contributions of individuals and groups to Canadian culture and society during this period. Students will use critical thinking and communication skills to evaluate various interpretations of the issues and events of the period and to present their own points of view.

CHC2L - Canadian History (Locally Developed):

This course focuses on the connections between the student and key people, events, and themes in Canadian history from World War 1 to the present. Students prepare for the grades 11 and 12 Workplace Preparation history courses through the development and extension of historical literacy and inquiry skills. Students explore a variety of topics highlighting individuals and events that have contributed to the story of Canada. The major themes of Canadian identity, internal and external relationships, and changes since 1914, are explored through guided investigation. Students have the opportunity to extend analytical skills with a focus on identifying and interpreting events and perspectives and making connections. Students practice reading, writing, visual, and oral literacy skills, and mathematical literacy skills to identify and communicate ideas in a variety of forms.

CHC2P - Canadian History (Applied):

This course explores some of the pivotal events and experiences that have influenced the development of Canada's identity as a nation, from World War I to the present. By examining how the country has responded to economic, social, and technological changes and how individuals and groups have contributed to Canadian culture and society during this period, students will develop their ability to make connections between historical and current events. Students will have opportunities to formulate questions, locate information, develop informed opinions, and present ideas about the central issues and events of the period.

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